Meet Me

Well, hello! Adair here. Thanks for stopping by, I'm grateful that you're here!


I am a wedding photographer + videographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. When I'm not behind the camera, I'm playing with my Aussie pup, Yonah, or hanging out with my husband. I am currently living in Atlanta working on a marketing team during the week and photographing weddings or sessions on the weekend. My plate is full but my cup truly does overflow every single day. 


I fell in love with the art of photography back in 2014. I was an Art Marketing major in college, which led me to taking multiple photography courses throughout my years at University of North Georgia. It was then and there that I knew creatively controlling the camera and serving others were two things I wanted to mix into a business. From there, Adair Kucera Photography was started in October of 2015. In early 2019, I discovered a side passion of videography and launched the film side of my business.....creating Adair Kucera Photo + Film!


I believe God created me to create, and so with that my hope and prayer is serve others with the gifts I have been given. I am so excited to hopefully get to know you and capture every detail of your wedding day or special life moment!

The most authentic photo + films are the ones where you feel most comfortable with your photographer/videographer- that's most important to me and should be important to you too!

When you're ready let's get in touch.

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