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Hello. I'm Adair.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm grateful that you're here! I am a wedding photographer + videographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. When I'm not behind the camera, I'm playing with my Aussie pup, Yonah, or hanging out with my husband. Funny side-note story! My husband and I got married in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, forcing us to cancel our large wedding and proceed with a small, family wedding on our original date in May of 2020. A few months later, we had our SECOND wedding in August of that year to celebrate with all of our friends and family. All that to say, I've been in your shoes (twice now!) and wedding planning is no joke. You've got this! Okay, now back to a little bit about me.


I fell in love with the art of photography back in 2014 when I received my first camera. It was then and there that I knew creatively controlling the camera and serving others were two things I wanted to mix into a business. From there, Adair Kucera Photography was started in October of 2015. In early 2019, I discovered a passion for videography and launched the film side of my business.....creating Adair K. Photo + Film!


I believe God created me to create, and so with that my hope and prayer is serve others with the gifts I have been given by our creator. I am so excited to hopefully get to know you and capture every detail of your wedding day or special life moment!

The most authentic photo + films are the ones where you feel most comfortable with your photographer/videographer- that's most important to me and should be important to you too!

When you're ready let's get in touch.

Please feel free to reach out at:



Wedding photographer + videographer
timeless and bright
serving the Atlanta and southeast areas

Stalk me! 

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